Sustainability agenda helps Coloradans, CSU receives new ranking

Sustainability agenda helps Coloradans, CSU receives new ranking

News Directors, Kota Babcock, and Ivy Winfrey

This episode from October 14 includes information on Northern Colorado Regional Airport, Build Back Better, inequity in internet access and more.

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Ellie Shannon explains updates in Colorado State University campus news and parking closures. Then, Ivy Winfrey describes how the Northern Colorado Regional Airport is getting a new routine airline. After that, Eliza Drotar gives updates on CSU’s athletics.

Then, listeners hear a conversation between Matthew Garrington of Environmental Defense Fund Action and Kota Babcock about the Build Back Better Agenda. Garrington explains how the agenda makes Colorado healthier and more sustainable. Babcock explains how inflation is impacting social security and heating costs.

Then, Anton Schindler goes over baseball’s most surprising contracts in his podcast, “Painting the Corners with Anton Schindler.” After that, Babcock gives new information on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Then, Babcock speaks to Piper Russel from The Collegian about CSU’s ranking in the U.S. News & World Report. Babcock explains some updates on technology, including discrepancies in Black rural communities’ access to the internet. He also goes over Facebook’s new policies related to bullying prevention.

To conclude the show, Winfrey talks about why scientists are exposing mosquitos to electronic music.

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