Hughes Land Back condemns destruction of sweat lodge

Hughes Land Back condemns destruction of sweat lodge

News Directors, Kota Babcock, and Ivy Winfrey

This episode from September 21 includes information on white supremacist posters on CSU’s campus, CSU’s new ALVS director, Fort Collins air quality and more.

More information:
Ellie Shannon explains updates in campus news with the presence of white supremacist posters at Colorado State University, and Ivy Winfrey discusses plans for a new terminal at Northern Colorado Regional Airport. After that, Eliza Drotar updates listeners on CSU’s athletics, and then Winfrey speaks to Ben Schrader, the new director of CSU’s Adult Learners and Veterans Services office about his vision for ALVS.

Then, Kota Babcock tells listeners about reduced restrictions for vaccinated tourists coming into the US, and the “Rocky Mountain Review” features the “International Local Music Exchange” podcast about the best local music with our partner stations. After that, Babcock gives new information on COVID-19 and speaks to Noelle Mason from The Collegian about air quality in Fort Collins.

Babcock moves on to explain updates on the Elizabeth Holmes trial and how Apple removed an opposition party app during the Russian election. Winfrey concludes the show by explaining how kids are stealing from school bathrooms to brag about their “devious licks.”