Google cybersecurity tips, emu collides with truck

Google cybersecurity tips, emu collides with truck

News Directors, Kota Babcock, and Ivy Winfrey

This episode from September 30 includes information on an emu near Fort Collins, Biden’s infrastructure bill, an interview with Google’s Grace Hoyt and more.

More information:
Ellie Shannon explains updates in Colorado State University campus news, and Ivy Winfrey tells listeners about an unusual animal spotted near Fort Collins. After that, Eliza Drotar gives updates on CSU’s athletics. Then, Kota Babcock and Google Cybersecurity expert Grace Hoyt discuss how people can keep themselves safe online.

Then, Babcock discusses new updates on President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill and the continuing case of Britney Spears’s conservatorship. In honor of international podcast day, the “Rocky Mountain Review” features KCSU’s music podcast with local bands Slow Caves and Wildermiss.

After that, Babcock gives new information on COVID-19 and explains some updates on technology with the Federal Trade Commission and Congress. To conclude the show, Winfrey explains how a man attended his own search party.