Explaining Hughes Land Back movement, Elijah McClain case updates

Explaining Hughes Land Back movement, Elijah McClain case updates

News Directors, Kota Babcock, and Ivy Winfrey

This episode from September 2 includes information about the Hughes Land Back movement, charges around Elijah McCain’s death, Twitter’s Super Follow and more.

More information:
Ellie Shannon discusses Colorado State University president Joyce McConnell’s fall address, and Ivy Winfrey gives updates on the case of a Loveland police officer charged with assaulting a 73-year-old woman. After that, Eliza Drotar discusses Colorado State University’s athletics, and then Collegian news director Isaiah Dennings discusses his story on the Hughes Land Back movement.

Then, CTV news director Kenneth Frederick discusses Associated Students of CSU and other stories being discussed tonight on CTV’s newest episode. Kota Babcock tells listeners about new charges brought against police and EMTs after Elijah McClain’s death and Texas’ new abortion laws. Then, hear about resources in the local community for survivors of interpersonal abuse and gender-based violence.

After that, Babcock delivers new information on COVID-19 pandemic statistics, and Winfrey speaks to Hayden Hawley about The Collegian’s new cannabis desk. To conclude the show, Babcock goes over Twitter’s new Super Follow feature, and Winfrey talks about new mating habits noticed among Octopuses.