The Fanucci’s sever some ties and create stronger bonds on the final episode of “Patria Del Cuore”


Patria Del Cuore Podcast Art created by Anna Meiser.

Hannah Copeland

Listen to the final episode of KCSU’s first fictional podcast “Patria Del Cuore.” The story looks inside the life of the Fanucci family as young Valentino comes out as gay to his father for the first time. Valentino faces rejection from his immediate family, but is welcomed by his uncle Sergio to live with him on his vineyard. As Valentino and Sergio navigate their new life together, Sergio’s long time business partner Nico confesses love for him. Juggling his new role as a father-figure and now a lover, Sergio is also confronted by his homophobic brother Grabrielle. Listen to hear how the Fanucci family severs some ties in order to create stronger bonds.