Local music: Sunnnner & Rane: Album Review and Exclusive Interview


Asher Korn

From the mind that brought you “Cancellation Compilation” and the riveting album “Spruce Aly” comes a new project by Sunnnner called “Sunnnner.” Formerly known as Sad Bug, Sunnnner is a Boulder-based band that offers you “sweet tea for your parched throat” and unapologetic activism through music, merch and social influence. Sunnnner vocalist/manager, Sebastian ‘Rane’ Miranda, is the overseer of many different projects, including “DIY Casual.” These livestreams helped keep the local music scene afloat during quarantine. You could watch, tip and enjoy local bands from the comfort (and safety) of your own home.

“Sunnnner” is the band’s newest album and will release officially on June 15. This project showcases grit, honesty and beauty, reminding listeners to appreciate all the little moments that make up life. The dripping nostalgia of house-shows-past echoes throughout each track and encapsulates how late nights, cigarettes, bonfires and drinking with your much cooler friends feel. When you can’t sleep, Sunnnner is a walk in the park on a cold winter morning, leaving you pining for a specific moment in time to live over and over again.

You can listen to “Forever” off “Sunnnner” in this exclusive interview with Rane. KCSU station manager Asher Korn sits down to learn more about Sunnnner’s various hats and to explore bright, hopeful dreams of the future; cloudy storms of the past; and what drives someone to constantly create and selflessly give back to the community.

A special thank-you to our local music director, Maddy Erskine, for editing and publishing this podcast and for creating the cover art featured.