Grammy-nominated producer Suzy Shinn talks women in music


In this episode of the “KCSU music podcast,” music director Lindsay Johnson interviews Grammy-nominated music producer and engineer, Suzy Shinn.

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Known for her work with bands like Panic! at the Disco, Dua Lipa and Fall Out Boy, Suzy Shinn is an established talent in the world of pop- and alt-rock song production. Her most recent project has been producing Weezer’s latest metal-inspired album, “Van Weezer.” She discusses her favorite parts of working in music, what’s in the room for a great recording session and her own influences and inspiration.

She also talks about being a woman in the industry and how she recently joined legendary mastering engineer Emily Lazar’s new nonprofit, We Are Moving The Needle, an organization designed to increase the number of women in the audio producing and engineering fields — which is currently about 2% of those professionals.

Shinn is genuine, hard-working and a creative powerhouse, and we’re so fortunate to hear what she has to say about what it takes to be a successful producer. 

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