The best finds of March 2021


Marie Tanksley

This episode reviews podcasts including “Murder in House Two,” “We’re Alive,” “List Envy,” “How To with Charles Duhigg” and “The Food Chain.”

More information:
“The MasterCast” is a podcast recommendation show that consists of seven non-spoiler, binge-worthy reviews of the best podcasts in a short and sweet two- to three-minute summary on everything you could want to know from the number of hosts to on average how long you can expect each episode to be.

Podcasts covered in this episode include “Murder in House Two,” “We’re Alive,” “List Envy,” “How To!” with Charles Duhigg, “Julie: the Unwinding of the Miracle,” “The Food Chain” and “Reasonably Sound.” This week’s music came from Arches Audio, and the sources of the reviewed podcasts include Apple Podcast, Podchaser, Podnods, Podnews, OwlTail, American Public Media and Listen Notes.