The ultimate underdog: In deep with the 2005 Chicago White Sox


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Anton Schindler

The 2005 Chicago White Sox were nothing short of an Underdog. Although they had started to gain ground in the seasons leading up to 2005, the White Sox found themselves in the second-worst drought in professional sports history: 88 years without a World Series win. And, before they finally ended it, they were only second to the Chicago Cubs that we covered two episodes ago. It took a lot of hard work and team chemistry to do what the White Sox did in 2005, as they steamrolled their way through the best teams in the major leagues. Listen in to this week’s episode to learn about some of the players who made that season possible, and try to count how many you have heard of before. It might surprise you how many faces came and went in stressful pursuit of the 2005 World Series Championship.