Promoting health care access requires more diverse voices


Matt Gusmerotti

This episode from Roxanne Stacy in fall 2020’s ANTH 405, Public Anthropology and Global Environmental Challenges, class at Colorado State University examines the importance of diversity in making global changes through health care.

Stacy begins by introducing anthropologist Paul Farmer’s book, “Mountain’s Beyond Mountains.” He acknowledges that the same health issues affect people differently depending on their access to healthcare. Stacey does not focus on poverty, but rather on how different demographics have different access to health care.

This topic is especially relevant with the current pandemic. Even within the U.S., different regions and demographics have different levels of accessibility to health care and disaster recovery. One of the largest problems is that, even when recovery agencies try to step in to help, if they aren’t familiar with the struggling community’s culture, they can cause more damage than good.

Listen in for how diversity in leadership can help prevent some of these major issues.