The International Local Music Exchange is coming to you


Matt Gusmerotti and Maddy Erskine

After a successful first season of the International Local Music Exchange, fans and college radio stations around the world are probably wondering what is next for the innovative, immersive experience. For this second round of the ILME, KCSU FM is taking charge and creating new steps in hopes of getting everyone involved, not just college students at their college radio station.

Founded by KCSU-FM, WLOY-FM in Maryland, KBVR-FM in Oregon and the College Radio Foundation, the ILME is a radio-show style podcast that is constructed and organized by college radio stations around the world, highlighting and showcasing the best local music from that area. In the first season of the podcast, we received submissions from college radio stations in Northern Virginia; Columbia, SC; Lexington, KY and many more! 

Overall, the structure of the podcast is similar to that of a radio show. The producer or creator of the episode would find as many local bands as they could cover in 30 minutes or less. You, as the creator and producer, would need permission from the musicians to use their music in the podcast episode itself. You could discuss topics such as roots/origins of the band/singer, influences to the band, etc., all while highlighting about one to 3 tracks from the said artist.  

Now that we have run out of submissions and bands still cannot tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are opening up submissions to you, the listeners and supporters of the radio and music industries. KCSU will be reaching out to other college radio stations around the world to garner interest, but more importantly, we want to hear from you as well! 

Do you have radio or podcasting experience? Do you work at a college radio station? Are you passionate about the local music scene in your current area or former hometown? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you would make a fantastic candidate for season 2 of the ILME podcast.

If you or anyone you know are interested in participating, the time is slowly approaching.  KCSU has established a firm deadline of March 21, 2021 at 9:00 PM MST to discuss, receive, edit and post materials from the person constructing the episode.

Please follow this link to fill out the ILME Interest Form:

Please reach out to or if you have any questions or would like to learn more about the ILME or getting involved with KCSU and the ILME.