In-studio: Jay LeCavalier’s ‘Slow Transformations’


Maddy Erskine

In this virtual in-studio, Maddy Erskine interviews Jay LeCavalier about his second full-length solo album, “Slow Transformations,” and the hard work and inspiration behind it. Some of you may know LeCavalier as the keyboardist for The Crooked Rugs, but in this self-recorded folk album, LeCavalier sings and plays acoustic guitar, keys, auxiliary percussion, etc. “Slow Transformations” is a great representation of LeCavalier’s talent as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. The first two songs played are “Feels like Nothing” and “The Houseplant Song,” which are both relatable, down-to-earth tunes. The last song and title track of the album, “Slow Transformations,” is a lyrical deep-dive into the changes we all go through as people. In the interview, LeCavalier emphasizes the importance of this track and the changes he has gone through as a person, even since his last album. 

Songs:  “Feels like Nothing,” ““The Houseplant Song” and “Slow Transformations” by Jay LeCavalier.

Photo: Isaac Romero

Podcast Cover: Maddy Erskine