Congressman dies, Larimer County moves to level yellow


News Directors

Ellie Shannon updates listeners on what’s happening on campus, and Ivy Winfrey gives new information on local COVID-19 outbreaks in Larimer county. Dixon Lawson gives new updates on the start of several seasons for different sports. After that, Winfrey speaks to filmmaker and CSU associate professor Usama Alshaibi, and Kota Babcock updates listeners on changes in Congress and Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. After that, listeners hear an excerpt from Maddy Erskine’s interview with local musician David Miner, and Babcock gives listeners new information on COVID-19 restrictions and statistics. To conclude the show, Babcock updates listeners on Bitcoin and a new podcasting app while Winfrey shares the weirdest news of the week.

For the extended version of Winfrey’s interview with Usama Alshaibi, listen here.