ASCSU updates, Biden’s fight against climate change

ASCSU updates, Bidens fight against climate change

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Ellie Shannon gives updates on Colorado State University’s effort towards age inclusivity, bus routes, and the future of Hughes Stadium. Then, Ivy Winfrey discusses local crimes and COVID-19 transmission control. Then, Winfrey showcases the highlights of Wednesday’s ASCSU discussions. Following that, Kota Babcock updates listeners on Joe Biden’s continued efforts to end climate change and the recognition of Emmett Till’s childhood home as a landmark. Then, Babcock speaks to Frankie Wilcox of the CSU German Club (Deutsh Klub) about what involvement means within the group. Then, Babcock discusses new statistics on COVID-19 and Facebook’s oversight board’s recent decision to restore multiple posts on the site. To conclude the show, Winfrey tells listeners about the weirdest stories of the week.

Photo by Skyler Pradhan of The Collegian.