The Garden of Lights, changes in COVID-19 restrictions, and how you can support local businesses


News Directors

Ivy Winfrey updates listeners on new COVID-19 restrictions, then Jonathan Gillham gives listeners the latest sports information. After that, Kota Babcock speaks with Amanda Sammartino from the Gardens on Spring Creek about the Garden of Lights holiday event. Then, Kota gives listeners new updates on electoral certifications, Supreme Court issues, and changes in the White House before Ivy tells listeners about Amendment 77, which recently passed in Colorado. Then, Kota speaks to Jillian Fresa from For Fort Collins about what the city’s partnership with local businesses means, and how listeners can support businesses in the community. After that, Kota gives updates on COVID-19 statistics and explains some new controversies and success stories in technology news. To conclude the show, Maddy Erskine interviews local musician Brian Hulls and Ivy gives information on some of the weirdest stories, like Pizza Hut accepting Bitcoin.

Photo courtesy of the Collegian