KCSU Shares Their Holiday Mixtape Exchange With You


Sam Bonafe

December is typically the month of various renditions of holiday classics and, of course, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”— except at KCSU. Each year, the station’s volunteers, staff members, and DJs participate in a playlist exchange. The playlist exchange is a fun event, much like secret Santa, where participants are assigned another person to create a memorable playlist for. These consist of favorite songs from one person to another. It’s a fun way to get a look into the cool music our friends are listening to right now and a great way to discover new music. 

This year, we are happy to share that with our listeners on KCSUFM’s Spotify! The KCSU Holiday Mixtape 2020 playlist is an invigorating amalgamation of the tones and tastes of KCSU, made just for you! Get a glance into the songs that we love, not as radio curators, but as individual people. You’ll hear alternative, pop, electronic remixes, 80’s funk rock… something for everyone. Check out our station’s contribution to the soundtrack of the holiday season, all for our dear listeners, from the music lovers here at KCSUFM.