Celebrate the holidays with local music!


Maddy Erskine

KCSU is so thankful for all the wonderful local musicians who reach out to us and work with us. This holiday season, we had 3 incredible holiday songs submitted to our station from local artists! 

The first song is a down to earth tune by local songwriter Zach Crider. “Back Home” is about going back to your roots and seeing the people you love this holiday season. Following that is a complete switch of gears, with Sugar Britches honky tonk song “All I Want for Xmas”. This hilarious song is right up your alley if you have some people you are not so excited to see this week. And to end this fun little celebratory segment, is People in General’s “Oh  Skanukkah”. This ska version of a hanukkah classic is sure to lift your spirits and get you dancing. 

Happy holidays and thank you all for listening to KCSU!

Cover Art: By Maddy Erskine. Please enjoy my dog Tucker! He wishes you all a wonderful winter:)!