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KCSU, to me, is the cornerstone of CSU culture


Meet Timothy George Meylor, a stereotypical Aries, colorblind fashion icon, and Development Director for 90.5 KCSU. In this interview, Timm breaks down what DJ-Athon is, how YOU keep KCSU alive, and opens up on what KCSU has meant to him over the last two and a half years.

Are you doing anything internally at the station to celebrate DJ-Athon?

On Friday, our 24 hour day, KCSU is celebrating our seniors, as well as Friday the 13th. It’s going to be a spooky time with spooky themes.

Can you explain what DJ-Athon is?

Dj-Athon is our biannual fundraising campaign to help raise money that goes into our budget. DJs, staff, and volunteers are on air from 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. for five days a week to express why KCSU is important to them, to our listeners, the diversity of music we play, to content we produce like videos, podcasts, news, and tons of other content! Our various training programs produce dedicated young professionals that get a chance to learn various skills in the radio realm. Everything from hosting a live radio show to producing a podcast to becoming a reporter at important events. The money we raise goes back to YOU, creating content you love, like sports, podcasts, news coverage, and putting content back into the community. KCSU, to me, is the cornerstone of CSU culture.

Whats your favorite part about DJ-Athon?

My favorite part is the end, where I get to write all the thank you notes to donators and welcome new 905 club members. I personalize notes to donators and really show appreciation to those who support us. I also enjoy checking in throughout the 24 hour live day to see how people are doing … mentally and emotionally. I really loved my first DJ-Athon, working with our promotions team and getting to work with everyone in all departments. It was amazing to see how passionate everyone was about working here, and its kept me here to this day.

How has COVID impacted the station?

There are many ways, restrictions on in person shows, limit to people in office. Its a different energy because of lack of people in the station. I miss that energy, but people are still energized in a lot of different ways. The COVID shift has pushed us to be more efficient in a lot of different ways and considerate of each others time. COVID hasn’t really kept us down, but its made us metaphorically closer in a lot of different ways.

Final thoughts?

Regardless of what media wish to consume, somewhere, some station is where people find home. I discovered a home at KCSU. I find a lot of happiness here and I hope there are others who have found a home in radio. I hope that by listening to KCSU, people can see how important it is to us and our listeners. I believe KCSU can be and continues to be a comfort for people in the future.

This article was based on an interview between Promotions Director Addison Lambert and Timothy Meylor.