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The NFL is enduring a plague of injuries this season; How to survive the Fantasy Football Season


After the conclusion of the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs game on Monday Night Football, many fantasy team owners were left scratching their heads. With some surprise busts this season, there are sleeper candidates who could fill that missing void for your starting lineup. 

With the league threatened by not only a pandemic, but also a plague of injuries have taken the NFL by storm. In order to survive fantasy this season, and not end up holding a huge sign that says, “I lost fantasy, please throw eggs at me…” Picking up free agents is a great place to start, but you are more likely to be successful targeting trades. 

Before getting into who to pursue, let’s take a step back to look at some busts to drop immediately. Also, this list will only include players that are eligible to play. 


QB: Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles

With a staggering 63.9 QB rating this year, Carson Wentz is putting up historical numbers in the worst way possible. For those of you who wasted a draft pick on Wentz, I am included, it was not a great sight during week two of the season; when Wentz threw for 242 yards, completed 26 out of the 42 passes (60%), and two interceptions. Not to mention his 56.7 QB rating. Not a great start to the season for Wentz, and it doesn’t look to be getting any better. 

WR: AJ Green, Cincinnati Bengals 

With the shiny new face of the franchise in Joe Burrow, and after missing all of 2019 due to injury; AJ Green was looking for a monster, and potentially pro-bowl season. Things haven’t quite turned out this way three games into the season. Green is only averaging 6.3 fantasy points per game (FPG), and second on the team in receiving yards with zero touchdown receptions. This is a potential bust that could turn his season around, but with no connection with Joe Burrow and still shaking off the rust; it looks to be a long season for Green. 

RB: David Johnson, Houston Texans

David Johnson was forced to change scenery when he was traded from the Arizona Cardinals to the Houston Texans, and star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona. In desperate need of a productive running back, the Texans thought they had their man in former pro-bowler Johnson. With 19.9 fantasy points in week one, it looked hopeful for Johnson. Now that week three has passed, are we seeing his true colors? He rushed 11 times during week two against Baltimore, with 34 yards and zero touchdowns to show for it. Johnson then backed that performance with a 13 rush, 23-yard bomb of a game. The only reason he reached double digits again this week was because of a very short-lived touchdown. 

Luckily if you have these players there is still hope, and can be used as trade bait right now, so you don’t get caught slipping down the rabbit whole of losing. 

Pick Up:

QB: Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals 

With so many high caliber QB’s that are firing at all cylinders this season, it is going to be hard to pick up someone that is well known, and a respected QB. This is where Kyler Murray enters the fray. In his sophomore season, Kyler Murray is exceeding expectations. With the addition of DeAndre Hopkins, it is no surprise that his FPG have taken a massive jump this season.  Averaging 26.71 FPG and completing 23 of his 35 pass attempts for 270 yards and 2 touchdowns, Murray looks to take advantage of teams underestimating him. He is definitely rostered in your fantasy league, but if you can pry him away (possibly using Carson Wentz or David Johnson) it is going to benefit in the best way possible. This is the most likely trade target due to the high demand for QB’s. It will be hard to acquire him, but with the right package he is easily a top choice.

WR: D.K. Metcalf, Seattle Seahawks. 

Also in his sophomore season, D.K. Metcalf has made enormous strides this season. Through week three of the season: he is third in receiving yards in the NFL (297), averaging 19 FPG, a touchdown per game and averaging 100 yards per game. It is easy to see, as of right now, he is not in store for a sophomore slump. With his connection to Russell Wilson getting stronger every week, and being used in more route running situations where he can obtain separation every play… this is one player you should target immediately. He is quickly making a name for himself as a big-time wide receiver, so if this is a player that would fit your lineup; GET HIM!

RB: Josh Jacobs, Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders… still weird to see and even more strange to write. Anyways, the newly coined Las Vegas Raiders have had a pretty good start to the season, Thanks to the great start by Josh Jacobs. The raiders do not have many weapons through the air that other teams might have, but thanks to Jacobs and him being fifth in rushing yards for the league (252) the team has seemed to build off the run game. Opening up play action, and some of the pass game the Raiders heavily depend on Jacobs. This makes him the perfect fantasy target. He has had a sub-par past two weeks after putting up 35.9 fantasy points the first week. Look to trade for him either now or further down the line as he looks to be a very consistent back this season. 

In a very strange season, where injuries are taking out players more than COVID-19, your lineup is going to have to be flexible and have a good bench rotation for any sudden changes. The waiver wire is always a great place to look for any hidden gems.