How KCSU and other Stations are Celebrating World College Radio Day


Kota Babcock

For our local community, college radio is essential. From promoting local businesses and giving in-depth local news coverage to helping our local music scenes thrive, we embed ourselves into our communities as a way to help bridge the gap between students and community members sharing one town or city. 

At KCSU specifically, we’ve worked to ensure that all CSU students have access to free training, volunteer and internship opportunities, as well as work-study and hourly positions to help prepare for their careers. We’ve hosted countless local artists for on-air sessions, and spent hours creating news shows for our listeners.

As the Coronavirus pandemic impacts us globally and in Fort Collins, we have stayed on-air, producing several shows from a distance and making sure that our audiences have access to new information and new music. 

This year for World College Radio Day, we’ve joined the International Local Music Exchange, sponsored by the College Radio Foundation, to partner with other college radio stations in helping local artists thrive.

In this, KCSU has sent out some of our local artists to play on other college stations, helping those artists gain a more geographically diverse listening audience. KCSU is also producing a podcast in support of ILME to make sure that some of the shows made to celebrate World College Radio Day live on past tonight. 

The International Local Music Exchange is a project aimed at giving local listening audiences access to local artists from a variety of music scenes. This year, KCSU is exchanging our local music gallery with KBVR at Oregon State University and WLOY at Loyola University Maryland.

KCSU has proudly joined in on this project because we know that Fort Collins and Northern Colorado have an amazing music scene, and we think that our music scene deserves to be heard all over the world, and we’re proud to play artists from Baltimore and Corvallis.