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5 songs by local artists that were released summer 2020


Slow Caves members pose for a photo.

Editor’s note: KCSU does not support The Beeves, their label or their actions.

Due to COVID-19, many aspects of our local music scene have been put on hold, and a big aspect of the Fort Collins music scene is live shows.

While live shows are greatly missed, and we hope they will be able to safely resume in the near future, local music is still happening and can still be streamed and enjoyed. Many bands released singles and albums on Spotify over the summer. Here are some songs that are worth a listen:

1. “Walk in the Park” by Slow Caves

Indie rock band Slow Caves has made a name for itself over the past year after opening for some well-known bands like Cold War Kids, Modest Mouse and Cake. The band consists of brothers Jakob and Oliver Mueller and their friend David Dugan. With thoughtful lyrics and soothing vocals, “Walk in the Park” will transport you straight into the indie movie you always wished your life was.

2. “Playing Bingo (With People Who Are Angry and Somewhat Dangerous)” by The Beeves

This intriguing single title embodies the spirit of the local band The Beeves. Best known for their incredible live shows and wild mosh pits, The Beeves is a Colorado band consisting of brothers Ian and Will Ehrhart and Margot Sease.

All technically talented instrumentalists, The Beeves are sure to bring some classic rock-and-roll sound to your playlist. Lead singer and guitarist Ian Ehrhart ties the single together with powerful and dramatic vocals that make you want to put your arms around your friends and sing along.

3. “By the Day – Demo” by Lenore

Lenore is the project of Madi Rice: guitarist, producer, composer and singer. Embodying the spirit of bedroom pop, Rice writes and produces her music from home. “By the Day” is an ethereal song with dreamy vocals and spacey synths. With similar vibes to artists like Crumb and TEMPOREX, Lenore is a local up-and-coming indie artist to keep an eye on due to her unique and alternative approach to bedroom pop.

4. “Eyes” by The Crooked Rugs

After making waves last year by headlining house shows, The Crooked Rugs released two new songs this summer: “Eyes” and “Take a Minute.” Members Nolan Brumbach, Jay LeCavalier, Jayce Haley, Finn Stowers and Thayer Rexton “Rex” Stowers II are sure to rock your boots off with their new tunes.

“Eyes” begins by featuring a classic bluesy harmonica, solidifying the old rock-and-roll and blues aesthetic of the song. If you miss throwing on your favorite cowboy hat and heading to the bars with your pals, The Crooked Rugs are a band to add to your local favorites. 

5. “Test The Water” by Co-Stanza

Jack Costanza is an artist who is based in Fort Collins but originally from the suburbs of Chicago. Costanza’s new single, “Test the Water,” has a groovy beat and a chorus that compels you to dance and sing along. It includes relatable lyrics about simply living life and upbeat vocals that are sure to grab your attention.

It’s a perfect song to uplift your spirits and remind you to keep your head up during the uncertainty of COVID-19 and the beginning of the semester. 

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on The Collegian‘s website.