KCSU Believes Black Lives Matter

text saying black lives matter


To the KCSU Community,

KCSU believes that Black Lives Matter.  We acknowledge systematic racism across The United States and support those working to end it. We are outraged by the senseless and racially charged killings of George Floyd and countless other Black people in the United States. We see your anger as a community, and we hear you. 

As a media producer and outlet of creative expression, KCSU stands behind our mission to serve our entire community to create a more equitable world. As protests have erupted across the nation, we want to offer KCSU as an outlet to express your feelings and share the actions you are taking as a community member to stop racial injustice. We thank you for listening to KCSU, and we want to listen to you too.

KCSU is starting a new project called “KCSU Vox Pop,” where we will release questions about the impact of current events on our community and invite you to join the conversation by leaving us a voice message. These responses may be shared with the entire KCSU listening community. 

We will be sharing coverage of protests and other stories that amplify the voices of people of color, created by us and our colleagues at The Rocky Mountain Collegian, College Avenue, and CTV. Our inbox is always open at station@kcsufm.com for ideas on how we can do more. 

We know this is not enough. There is much work to be done by us, legislators, reformers, parents, students, and every member of our community to break down the oppression and systematic racism of our society.

In Solidarity,
Asher Korn, Station Manager
Hunter Haskins, Program Director
Hannah Copeland, General Manager
90.5 KCSU