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Nick Baker Show QUARANTINED with Nick Baker: “Oh! I Know What Teal Is!” – Season 4 Episode 14

Nick Baker Show QUARANTINED with Nick Baker: Oh! I Know What Teal Is! - Season 4 Episode 14

Just two episodes left in the Season, and in the series! We hope you enjoy them.

In tonight’s episode, Nick Baker shares a story of a baseball game that ended 2.5 to 2, Sean Garber brings facts about Baseball, Cory Odom recalls the geography of Internet Corporations, and Jonathan “Boomtown” Gillham has a very special revelation about different shades of blue.

Don’t forget, there is just ONE MORE episode left after this one. Don’t worry, we will post all over social media about it.

Weekly Discussion

Origin Story: Uneducated Picks

A segment that had to be retired in the Nick Baker Show’s early days, Uneducated picks is a classic that dates back to Nick’s first show, B&B Sports.

The segment spawns from a conversation I had with my sister. She said the Blue Jays were a lock to win over the Yankees, because Blue Jays are much cuter than “Yankees”. I laughed, I joked and then I realized… She was right. The Jays did win that game. They shouldn’t have. But I decided knowledgeable minds competing with random chance would be a great time, and thus the segment was born.

The crew is on Instagram! For more, you can find them at:

Nick Baker: @thebaker51 Sean Garber: @garberrrrrrr Cory Odom: @cormizer Boomtown: N/A

Sean Says

Who Dat?

Name of the Week

Nick Baker

We didn’t do names of the week this week, for the first time ever. Instead, I, Nick Baker decided to write about about my crew. This show has been a wild ride, and I will write more to that next week. I would save this stuff for next week, be we are definitely doing a real names of the week for the final episode.

Cory Odom

Every comedy show needs its straight man. Cory has the ability to sling the burns and throw some jokes, and he does, but man oh man was the content good when we harassed CO. It was all in good fun though, Sean and I both agree the Jersey Jabroni made the show exponentially better when he walked on. To a dedicated team player, I salute you sir.

Sean Garber

Sean Garber, a loyal and feisty co-host. My original sidekick was supposed to be another guy, who was supposed to just be a punching bag for jokes on occasion. Instead I got Sean, who punched back. What a blessing in disguise. To four season of great content, I raise my glass to you buddy.


Boomtown! An exciting guy, Boomtown is moving on up to management after I leave. He is a great man for the job. Cory, Sean and I generally furrow our brows at new “regulars” on our show, but this guy’s energy is just so infectious we welcomed him back. I know the sports department is in excellent hands, with him and Dixon Lawson at the helm. BOOMTOWN!

Last Word