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Nick Baker Show QUARANTINED with Nick Baker: “We’re Alive, and so is the NFL Off-Season” – Season 4, Episode 9

Nick Baker Show QUARANTINED with Nick Baker: Were Alive, and so is the NFL Off-Season - Season 4, Episode 9

In the first full length episode of the Quarantine Era; Nick, Sean, Cory and Jonathan “Boomtown” Gillham discuss NFL Free Agency, E-Sports and more. We are taking a one week hiatus from uneducated picks, but will be back with a double session next week that you can vote on as well! Be sure to check back every Monday at 7pm for a new episode!

NOTE: In the first episode, there were a few technical difficulties with our conference call. Sean had a slight delay, and it is noticeable in the weekly discussion. This will be fixed next week, and is fixed in all other sections of today’s show.

Weekly Discussion

Origin Story: Transition Tag

You may have seen the Cardinals place a “Transition Tag” on Kenyan Drake. What is that?

This is a way for teams to retain their rights to an upcoming unrestricted free agent. This essentially gives the team rights to match any offer given to the player by another team. This is similar to a Franchise Tag, yet allows the team to pass on matching, or even sign the player to an independent contract.

Sean Says

Name of the Week

Nick Baker Sr.

Sixto Sanchez, one of the top prospects in the league, a pitcher currently on the Marlins AAA affiliate, Wichita.

Mr. Cory Odom

Greyson Gilmer, the only american mid carry in League of Legends to make the playoffs.

THE Sean Garber

Jadeveon Clowney, that man is clownin’ right now.

J. Gillham

My name is Jager Gardner, an NFL RB prospect from Temple.

Who Dat?

Uneducated Picks

Uneducated Picks is not feeling well right now. Check back next week, where they will be back with double the picks, double the action and most importantly, double the fun.

Last Word