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Nick Baker Show QUARANTINED with Nick Baker: Special Friday Edition

Nick Baker Show QUARANTINED with Nick Baker: Special Friday Edition

Nick Baker is joined by his trusty sidekick Sean Garber, the comedic styling of Mr. Cory Odom and the brand-new, Jonathan “Boomtown” Gillham. In this special edition mini-episode, the crew reintroduces the show and describes the changes that will be made with the transition to online.

Weekly Discussion

Origin Story: The Nick Baker Show, LIVE with Nick Baker

Now in its fourth season, The Nick Baker Show pushes on through the tough times of social distancing. Using technology and the Internet, Nick, Sean, Cory and Boomtown refuse to take a hiatus as they continue to bring you any and all sports talk possible.

In this section, you will find rotating segments like After the Fact, Origin Story, or Open Letters. Below this section will be Names of the Week, Uneducated Picks and even Last Words.

Check back every Monday at 7 PM for a new episode!

Sean Says

In this section, Sean will bring weird facts, rules or stats from ANY sport. Nick, Cory and Boomtown will discuss these facts and vote on whether or not they are real.

Names of the Week

Nick Baker

Sean Garber

Jonathan “Boomtown” Gillham

Cory Odom

Who Dat?

Here we will play the fan favorite game Who Dat. In this game, Nick will bring several relatively unheard of athletes to the table, giving the crew three questions per athlete to determine what team the athlete plays for, as well as their position. The only rule for these questions, they must not be “What team do they play for” or “What position do they play”.

Underneath this section, we will play Uneducated Picks, where YOU the listener get to vote as well! Check back next Monday at 7 for the first FULL episode!