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Nick Baker Show QUARANTINED with Nick Baker: “Sean’s Almighty Comeback?” – Season 4, Episode 11

Nick Baker Show QUARANTINED with Nick Baker: Seans Almighty Comeback? - Season 4, Episode 11

Back and rolling, Nick Baker and the crew return for yet another episode out of quarantine. Even though sports are on a hiatus, Jonathan “Boomtown” Gillham, Cory Odom and Sean Garber join the conversation as the team continues to cover all offseason moves from the NFL. Can Sean redeem himself after the worst Nick Baker Show game score of all time? Find out below.

Don’t forget to check back NEXT WEEK for a brand new episode featuring a special guest! This guest works within the Health Industry, very closely with E-Sports!

Weekly Discussion (Its another Two-Part-er This Week!)

After the Fact

Sean References some videos in Sean Says today. Here are the links to those videos!

Alexander Wennberg scoring via a puck in his pants:

Andrew Procho splitting a puck:

The crew is on Instagram! For more, you can find them at:

Nick Baker: @thebaker51 Sean Garber: @garberrrrrrr Cory Odom: @cormizer Boomtown: N/A

Sean Says

Who Dat?

Name of the Week

Nicky B

Jake Delhomme, my favorite all time athlete, and a certain someone cannot pronounce his name properly. *cough cough* Boomtown.

Cory “E-Sports Only” Odom

Robert “Blaber” Huang, MVP jungler for Cloud9. Led his team to the championship this weekend and helmed the most successful American team of all time.

Sean Garber II

I got a Professional Bowler, Mike Lemongello.


Wacey Rabbit Hockey Center of ECHL

Uneducated Picks

Uneducated Picks is still not feeling well. It will be back but give it time while it recovers!

Last Word

Whoops! Sean won this rant, but his audio file had a small issue, so it couldn’t be posted. But hey! He won! Yay Sean!