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Nick Baker Show QUARANTINED with Nick Baker: “Kyle Murray, E-Sports and the NFL Draft” – Season 4, Episode 12

Nick Baker Show QUARANTINED with Nick Baker: Kyle Murray, E-Sports and the NFL Draft - Season 4, Episode 12

In an extra-special episode, Nick, Sean, Cory and Boomtown went hard all week, giving you as much draft content as possible. Not only that, but we also have an exclusive interview for you this week, making his radio debut, Kyle Murray! Learn about his contributions as a health professional in the E-Sports industry below! This season 4 has been great, and from all of us here at the Nick Baker Show, we want to thank all of you listeners out there. With just a few episodes remaining in the series, we are really going to ramp up the content here, getting you more every single week!

Don’t forget to check back for next weeks episode for a COMPLETE draft breakdown, grading every team’s draft day. Don’t worry, this will be broken down by team, so you can listen to just the teams you are interested in!

Tonight’s Guest: Kyle Murray

From Kyle: My name is Kyle Murray and I am a Chiropractic Intern at Life Chiropractic College West. I am to become an Esports Chiropractor. I have spent most of my life playing or being involved with video games. I decided to combine my passion for the gaming world with my other passion, Chiropractic. My vision is to promote chiropractic to millions of people by explaining the why, how, and what, of Chiropractic. I help Esports athletes elevate their game by providing upper cervical chiropractic care to improve their bodies ability to communicate with itself and adapt. To improve their game play and health, I find segments of your spine that have misaligned and are causing a decrease in the function of your nervous system. To correct these misalignments, I provide a light and specific adjustment to the involved vertebrae, allowing your body to express its full potential.

Weekly Discussion (Special Pre-Draft Edition!)

Post Draft

Origin Story: Two-Way Player (MLB)

In baseball, it is possible to be a two-way player. Nick mentioned it on last week’s episode, but here is a quick definition!

A two-way player, by new MLB technical qualifications MUST:

Pitch 20 MLB Innings AND appear in 20 games as a position player, getting 3+ plate appearances in each. Some examples include Babe Ruth, Michael Lorenzen and Shohei Ohtani.

The crew is on Instagram! For more, you can find them at:

Nick Baker: @thebaker51 Sean Garber: @garberrrrrrr Cory Odom: @cormizer Boomtown: N/A

Sean Says

Who Dat?

A small technical issue ruined this week’s Who Dat? That is no fun. But, Nick rode this segment to victory. His rant is waiting for you at the bottom of the page!

Name of the Week


Yetur Gross-Matos! You kidding me? What a name. (Carolina’s 2nd Round Pick, OLB from Penn State)

Cory Odom

The Chiefs secondary has someone names each of the following. Charvarius, Thakarius and L’Jarius.


JALEN MANIA. Eagles have Jalen Mills, Jalen Reagor and Jalen Hurts are all Eagles.


Storm Duck, Defensive Back from North Carolina.

Uneducated Picks

Uneducated Picks is still not feeling well. It will be back but give it time while it recovers!

Last Word