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News to Cure the Blues Episode 7

News to Cure the Blues Episode 7

With the reality of COVID-19 and quarantine keeping Americans stuck indoors, it can be tough to face the day. However, good news still exists, even in times like these. I’m 90.5 KCSU News Director Max Hunter and This is…


Fort Collins Senior Center Nation’s First “Sew Safe Site”

Coronavirus is challenging, but our community never fails to come together and chip in to help support our essential workers. Volunteers from all walks of life have gathered at the closed Fort Collins Senior Center to create masks for Northern Colorado.

According to Fox 31’s Evan Krugel, the Center has made more than 2000 masks, and dubbed themselves the nation’s first “Sew Safe Site”. This is because all volunteers must follow social distancing guidelines, and take temperature checks before entering. 

They are welcoming more volunteers, and you can find more information on their website.

Bandcamp Waives Their Share of Artist Revenue To Support Musicians

Bandcamp, a fair-trade online music streaming service, is stepping up their efforts to support local artists. Bandcamp allows listeners to buy the songs they stream, and choose the price. Typically, Bandcamp then takes 15% of the money, which is already generous compared to services like iTunes and Spotify. 

To aid artists losing touring revenue during quarantine, Bandcamp has decided to waive that 15% on the first Friday of the next three months. Bandcamp has already waived their share of the revenue once on March 20th, and on that day alone raised 4.3 million dollars. 

Fun Things to Do in Northern Colorado This Week

When you’re stuck at home, It’s incredibly easy to get bored. Thankfully, NorthFortyNews has put together an awesome collection of fun things happening virtually in Northern Colorado this week!

The Rock and Roll Playhouse is livestreaming a kids show every weekday at one pm on their Facebook. The members of the group do sing-alongs that are fun for the whole family!

On April 29th, Timnath Beerworks will be holding a Music bingo contest.

And on May 2nd, Scene Magazine and School of Rock Fort Collins will be holding their weekly NoCo live from home show. They play from noon to eight, and you can find more details on their Facebook.

This has been News to Cure the Blues. All music in this episode was made by me, and I’m 90.5 KCSU News Director Max Hunter.  Let’s all try to stay healthy, well rested, and positive. 

The News to Cure the Blues logo was created by Pam Sera.


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