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News to Cure the Blues Episode 6

News to Cure the Blues Episode 6

With the reality of COVID-19 and quarantine keeping Americans stuck indoors, it can be tough to face the day. However, good news still exists, even in times like these. I’m 90.5 KCSU News Director Max Hunter and This is…


Colorado State University Plants 150 New Trees for Earth Day

Wednesday, April 22nd, was Earth Day and Colorado State University celebrated in their own way. Starting now 150 new trees are being planted on campus, and according to Source will be there in time for school to reopen.

The trees aren’t only to beautify the school, but also serve a few functional purposes. Some of the trees will be replacing ones taken down due to construction. Others will be taking the spots of ash trees, in preparation for the anticipated migration of Emerald Ash Borer bug. 

In honor of Tony Frank, a tree and plaque will be placed in the oval. The inscription commemorates Frank’s “lasting legacy of support and advocacy of sustainability”. 

Fort Collins Funding 5 Million Dollars Into Larimer County Local Business

The city of Fort Collins is creating a 5 million dollar local business loan program to support the community. According to Loveland’s Reporter Herald, Fort Collins Senior Economic manager SeonAh Kendall joined the third NoCo Strong virtual meeting to drop the news. The fund comes when businesses need it the most, and will be available to the whole of Larimer County.

The proposed loan totals five million dollars: two million from the city of Fort Collins and the Bohemian foundation, and three million from the rest of the county and philanthropy. Businesses with less than 20 employees will be eligible for loans of up to $50,000.

Missing Sheep Returns Home After Seven Years

Some viral news from Australia: Prickles the sheep, thought missing since 2013, has found her family. When Prickles was only a lamb, the devastating Tasmanian brush fires burned through her home and destroyed her family’s farm. Separated from the Grey family, who raised her, Prickles wandered through the surrounding area for seven years.

Prickles may never have found her missing family, but one day the Grey family decided to take a break from quarantining at home and celebrate their son’s birthday in the remains of the old family farm. While in the backyard, they spotted a gigantic white mass. Prickles was still there, now covered in seven years worth of untrimmed wool!

Now that Prickles the sheep has been cleaned, the Grey family is trying to use the media attention to give to a good cause. They’ve started a fundraiser to guess how much the Prickles weighs, and are donating all the money to the United Nations Refugee Agency. You can find the fundraiser here.

This has been News to Cure the Blues. All music in this episode was made by me, and I’m 90.5 KCSU News Director Maximos Hunter.  Let’s all try to stay healthy, well rested, and positive. 

The News to Cure the Blues logo was created by Pam Sera


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