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News to Cure the Blues Episode 5

News to Cure the Blues Episode 5

With the reality of COVID-19 and quarantine keeping Americans stuck indoors, it can be tough to face the day. However, good news still exists, even in times like these. I’m 90.5 KCSU News Director Max Hunter and This is…


Local T-Shirt Company is Supporting Small Businesses

After local T-shirt company Sport About was forced to lay off half of their employees, things looked bleak. Owners Chris Howard and Marsanne Howard, kept making clothes for hospital employees, but also wanted a way to support local businesses.

In order to do that, Sport About began selling T-Shirts with the message “Colorado Strong” on them. For each T-Shirt, a large part of the profit is donated to the local business of the buyers choice.

While this may not provide the total economic stimulus these companies need, according to 9 News, Sport About also does this to keep the community together and ease the financial burden. Chris Howard bikes 20 miles every day, to personally drop off T-Shirts.

Fort Collins Raised Pilot Flies Air Force Thunderbird Over City

On April 18th the U.S. Airforce Academy held their graduation ceremony. This ceremony is typically accompanied by a fly-over of F-16’s, known as the “Air Demonstration Squadron”. This year, the fly-over extended over several additional Colorado cities to honor healthcare workers and first responders. One of those cities was Fort Collins, and one of those pilots was Lt. Col. Kevin DiFalco.

DiFalco is a Fort Collins native and graduated from Fort Collins High School in 2000. Now, according to the Coloradoan, he’s a member of the Air Force’s elite flight team. DiFalco has over 1,900 hours of flight time, with almost 300 of those being in combat. Not only that, but DiFalco was even a 2016 NASA Astronaut nominee.

Fort Collins has produced some really amazing people!

Watch Baby Chicks Hatch and Take Embryology Lessons Online from CSU

Colorado State University’s Arapahoe County extension has some new baby chickens, and you can see them! Embryology instructors at CSU Arapahoe have added a live-camera into their chicken hatchery, and now you can watch the little fuzzballs hatch in real time. 

Accompanying the live feed are some lessons that the faculty have posted about embryology and the chickens that are being raised. You can find all of that at

This has been News to Cure the Blues. All music in this episode was made by me, and I’m 90.5 KCSU News Director Maximos Hunter.  Let’s all try to stay healthy, well rested, and positive. 

The News to Cure the Blues Logo was created by Pam Sera


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