News to Cure the Blues, Episode 2

News to Cure the Blues, Episode 2

Maximos Hunter


With the reality of COVID-19 and quarantine keeping Americans stuck indoors, it can be tough to face the day. However, good news still exists, even in times like these. I’m 90.5 KCSU News Director Max Hunter and This is…


The Internet is Full of Good Ways to Pass Time in Quarantine

As the quarantine moves into week three, for some of us it may feel like week 43. If you’re struggling to find ways to kill time during quarantine, collected a list of fun things you can still do from the comfort of your home. 

Virtual tours for almost any major landmark are available using Google arts and culture, which is a section of the Google homepage. Other major institutions like NASA, are providing tours of their facilities on their websites. Many major museums are also doing virtual tours completely open to the public, like the Guggenheim, National Portrait Gallery, Picasso Museum, and the San Francisco Zoo!

If you want to be productive with your time at home, why not take a class? Many colleges are offering public online 8-week classes, including Yale, Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Princeton, and Columbia. You can even learn how to play guitar on Fender’s website, or produce music on the Grammy Museum’s page. 

If you’re like me, and you’ve already got plenty of online homework to do, there’s some good entertainment and relaxation options available on the web. Broadway is streaming many of their shows in HD without a subscription on their website. If you’re looking for something more active, the Smithsonian’s Facebook page is hosting twice weekly yoga classes. For parents, Amazon is offering more than 40 shows and 80 movies, which you also don’t need a subscription to access.

For Insider’s list of more ways to kill time online click here.

Colorado State University also has its own online film collection called Kanopy, put together by faculty. It’s surprisingly large, and is completely open to CSU students. The library is a combination of Indie movies and documentaries, almost none of which you’ll be able to find on other streaming sites. To access CSU’s film library, go to

Breweries are Boosting Colorado State University Hand Sanitizer Production

Hand sanitizer is one of our most crucial resources in fighting the Novel Coronavirus, and researchers at Colorado State University took it upon themselves to start producing their own. According to Fox 31, CSU’s infectious disease research center produced its first bottle after realizing that supplies were low and they had all the components, mainly ethanol, on hand. The first bottle was a massive 40 Liters.

Soon though, the researchers realized that the whole school needed massive amounts of hand sanitizer. They began producing hand sanitizer as fast as they could, but there was no way to find enough ethanol to make enough for the whole school. That’s when the breweries stepped in. 

Copper Muse distillery and Golden Goat Brewery have both stepped up to chip in large amounts of ethanol to the Colorado State University researchers. Because of their help, hand sanitizer production at CSU is up by 275%, and production remains steady. You can read more here.

It’s not just breweries in Fort Collins that are aiding in hand sanitizer production, Denver’s Ironton Distillery is giving out homemade sanitizer, as well as Lakewood’s Balmer Peak Distillery, and Denver’s Deviation Distilling. To learn more you can go to 303 Magazine’s website here.

This has been News to Cure the Blues. All music in this episode was made by me, and I’m 90.5 KCSU News Director Maximos Hunter.  Let’s all try to stay healthy, well rested, and positive. 

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