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Nick Baker Show QUARANTINED with Nick Baker: “How Long Does it take to Run Across Greece?” – Season 4 Episode 10

Nick Baker Show QUARANTINED with Nick Baker: How Long Does it take to Run Across Greece? - Season 4 Episode 10

Gosh, this whole isolation thing is just flying by isn’t it? ….No? Well, at least you have the Nick Baker Show gang to keep you company. In this episode, Nick Baker is awkward when talking about Miami, Sean Garber tells you about that time paintings were more valuable than medals, Jonathan details how one would run across Greece, and Cory gets heated about the MLB’s new idea and so, so much more.

NOTE: We are recording this, separately from home. There is a slight echo, but bear with us. We have our best people on it, scrubbing this issue out for next week’s episode!

Weekly Discussion (Its a Two-Part-er This Week!)

After the Fact

Upon further review, how does the Jay Bruce trade look from last year?

Bruce was making $14 million, but the Mariners swallowed most of the contract, making the price just over $2 Million for the Phillies. What did Philadelphia give Seattle? Jake Scheiner, an infield prospect. As Jay Bruce has heavily fallen off, I think the Mariners may have won this deal. Turning an aging veteran into a promising prospect is worth swallowing a large contract. The Phillies got a good piece, yet failed to make postseason. Winner? Seattle, surprisingly.

Sean Says

Name of the Week

Nicholas Baker

This week I have MLB second baseman Yolmer Sanchez.

Cory “Lil Papi” Odom

David Ortiz, “Big Papi”. Donated 4 season tickets for life to the COVID-19 department of a Boston hospital.


I, failed to give Nick my name in time, resulting in this permanent monument to my shame.


My name: NFL defensive end prospect Joseph Honeysucker, out of Memphis.

Who Dat?

Uneducated Picks

Uneducated Picks is not feeling well right now. Check back next week, where they will be back with triple the picks, triple the action and most importantly, TRIPLE the fun.

Sean is the LOSER of the Day!

Last Word