CSU Men’s Basketball Season Recap: A Foundation Has been Set; The Future Is Looking Bright

CSU Men’s Basketball Season Recap: A Foundation Has been Set; The Future Is Looking Bright

Jonathan Gillham

CSU Men’s Basketball just concluded a very respectable season (20-11); one which should promote excitement for the future.

The excitement and respectability are based on several factors. They stayed, for the most part, competitive in the games they lost, they won with a young core and finally, they have consistency in their team and coaching staff.

In any sport finishing with a winning record is always a good thing. In the last five games, CSU went 3-2. An impressive season highlight was a very exhilarating come-from-behind win against rival Wyoming. At one-point, CSU was 19 points down in the second half and manage a rally to finish with the win.

The loss against San Diego is nothing to be ashamed of; CSU let the lead slip late in the fourth quarter, but they went down swinging with a young team against the number five team in the country.

The young core is one of the most exciting parts of this team. With only guards Kris Martin and Hyron Edwards, and forward Nico Carvacho leaving, the new starting core is full of underclassman.

Isiah Stevens and David Roddy are freshmen and finished first and third in total team-scoring for the season, respectively.

Adam Thistlewood and Kendle Moore are sophomores, both of whom started most of the season and were fourth and fifth in scoring.

This young core gives a foundation for the team. Yes, CSU’s seniors will be missed, especially Nico Carvacho who has been solid his entire career.

There will be no tearing apart of team chemistry. No coaching changes and no major personal changes. Teams need chemistry and consistency to succeed.

The competitiveness of this team was impressive. Of the 11 losses, only four were ugly. Many of these losses came from the final minutes towards the end of the second half. This shows determination and resiliency from the team.

CSU Men’s Basketball has not won the Mountain West tournament since 2003. This upcoming tournament will give a younger team some valuable post-season experience.

Sometimes success in the post-season is about the right team getting healthy and hot on-court at the same time. A deep run into the tournament can give the players a lot of confidence going into next season, even if they don’t take the title.

However, the upcoming two seasons are exciting to consider. With young starters, the team can recruit some solid depth at underclassman levels. This post-season is a great way for the team to send a strong message to the Mountain West for the next couple of seasons.

The Bottom Line: I project CSU is going to be a dominant team in the Mountain West for the next couple of upcoming seasons. This should make Coloradans, students and alumni optimistic. With the post-season within arm’s reach, giving these Rams full support in this tournament should be a top priority.