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Colorado State Classic had a rough start but ended with promise

Colorado State Classic had a rough start but ended with promise

Colorado State University Softball ended its home tournament going 2-3. The Rams are now 11-12.

Friday and Saturday were mostly rough days for the Rams with Sunday giving them their first two wins of tournament. One coming from the continuation of Friday’s match up with Purdue; it was called early because of no light. Their second win also happened against Purdue to finish the tournament.

Key Takeaways

Friday, March 6: 

The Rams fell, 3-1, to a very good Kennesaw State team, who were 18-4 on the season. Kennesaw took a 3-0 lead in the first inning.

The Rams attempted a rally late in the seventh inning but fell short, scoring only one run. The Rams had seven hits but couldn’t capitalize. Taylor Gilmore got the loss. 


Saturday, March 7: 

The Rams had a heartbreaking day, first losing 9-1 to Kennesaw State. Kennesaw State (21-4 on the year) took 2-0 lead in the second inning and never let off the gas. CSU only had two hits and managed to score one run in the sixth to avoid a goose egg. Kennesaw’s bats were connecting, as they finished with nine hits. Danielle Serna was credited with the loss. 

The second game ended with the Rams losing 4-1 to a late Idaho State rally. CSU held a one-to-nothing lead for most of the game. Idaho State rallied in the sixth and seventh inning and the Rams failed to answer. Jessica Jarecki was credited with the loss.

Sunday, March 8: 

The Rams started their Sunday with a resounding 11-5 win over Purdue. The Rams took the lead early with a three-run first inning and never gave up the lead from that moment. Jessica Jarecki got credited the win. Haley Donaldson and Corina Gamboa both homered. Gamboa went three hits for four at-bats. Ashley Ruiz had a two home-run day. 

The Rams’ second game against Purdue was more of a nail-biting win, the score ending 4-3. The Rams had an early 1-0 lead. Purdue answered with a three-run inning in the third.

The Rams make an epic comeback, scoring twice, thanks to a clutch hit from Ashley Michelena, to tie it in the fifth inning. Gamboa crushing a home run to give the Rams the lead at the bottom of the sixth inning. Taylor Gilmore had a tougher game, giving up eight hits. However, to her credit, she pulled through with the win. 

Tournament Takeaway:

Yes, the Rams only went 2-3 this weekend. However, Sunday’s games showed these Rams had resilience and gumption.

The Rams took over their paused Friday game and finished it with a commanding lead, followed by a come from behind victory. In sports, ending in such an epic fashion gives a team confidence going into their next games.

The Rams need to forget the ugly losses and focus on those two epic wins. I saw their grit this weekend, in person, and I feel confident their next tournament will have positive results. 

Silver lining:

Ashley Michelena continues to be a dominant lead-off hitter, leading the team in batting average, RBI’s and hits. Gamboa can crown herself the clutch hitter for the weekend, with several key home-runs.