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DJ Bruja’s Top Albums of 2019



One word. Sugar. If we were in the early 2000s, Sugar would be a #1 in the mainstream charts. On this album, BROCKHAMPTON explores religious themes with their songs like “Heaven”, “No Halo” and “Heaven Belongs To You.” The religious themes really end up facing emotions of shame, guilt and idolization. It’s hard to put this album in one genre but its rap heavy and you can groove to it, or chill and really look at the lyrics.


Girl In Red- Chapter 2

After releasing various singles and a short EP, girl in red released this second EP titled “chapter 2”. Her music is a nice lo-fi, bedroom pop type sound. She uses her album to discuss mental health issues such as depression, which is prevalent in the tracks “i need to be alone” and “i’ll die anyway”. The album also explores the idea of hookup culture present in the lives of many teenagers and young adults with her ending track “bad idea!” I got to see her perform in the very intimate Denver venue, Lost Lake, which makes this EP even more special to me. Her songs are very dynamic with beat changes and high energy, juxtaposed with very slow, emotional tracks.


Hunny- Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

This album features a track called Halloween which tells a funny story about having a bad Halloween. It also came out just in time to jam out to it in October. It’s a pretty consistent alternative sounding album that’s good to play when you’re just driving around.


Fruit Bats- Gold Past Life

I reviewed this album back in the summer and I still listen to some of the songs. The album consists of very nostalgic songs that make you want to take a drive on a mountain road. The production includes a mix of slow and upbeat songs that make the whole album a joy to listen to.


Alex Lahey- The Best of Luck Club

This punk album is one very fitting for those of us in our 20s. “I Don’t Get Invited To Parties Anymore” is one of the most upbeat songs on the album and it talks about drifting from friendships and no longer feeling like you fit in with a group of people. Alex Lahey also explores breakups and other existential topics that I like.