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Jessica Boudreaux of Summer Cannibals Talks Fly Fishing, Noodles and…Cannibalism?


Before performing at the Downtown Artery the night of September 12, I had the chance to chat with Jessica Boudreaux of the rock band, Summer Cannibals.

Listen to or read our conversation below:

      Jessica Boudreaux Interview


J: This is Jessica Boudreaux of Summer Cannibals, a band from Portland (Oregon).

M: Cool, and then, I was wondering where did you get the idea for your band name? Because I heard it and I was like… it’s a little strange. I like it, but it’s strange.

J: (laughing) It’s the name of a Patti Smith song. I’m, like, a huge Patti Smith fan.

M: That’s good. That’s good to know. And then, I’ve listened to your newest album, “Can’t Tell Me No”, a lot of times and it’s very heart-wrenchingly honest and really, really powerful. Could you just tell me a little bit more about the release of that album?

J: Yeah, I’m glad to hear that you like it, that’s really nice! It’s actually the first record that the band has engineered and produced ourselves. Cassi and I recorded it in my studio. It came out in June. It’s our first with Tiny Engines, a really awesome label with a lot of really awesome bands on it; it’s really cool to work with them. And yeah, no, we’re really excited about it.

M: And then I know a lot of hard work went into the album after scrapping the last one. So how did it feel to finally get this music into the world?

J: Really good! It was a shorter process than usual because a lot of times we’ll write and work on a record in the course of a year, and then we’ll go into the studio, and then it’ll be a while before it actually comes out. But we wrote and recorded this album at the end of last year and so the songs still feel really fresh which is really good for the band and it’s definitely like… we feel really proud of it and excited about it.

M: Yeah, and then how has your music and sound evolved since you first started making music?

J: I mean, a lot. Just in the way that like, I’m definitely a lot more comfortable writing music now and I’m a lot more comfortable performing this music. When I started the band, I could barely stand up and play and sing at the same time. And so, it’s come a long way in the sense that I personally am a better player and I think a better songwriter now. But it’s definitely evolving with the band and you know, we had Ethan join us on bass and Cassi Blum who plays guitar. And since they came in, I feel like everything about the sound and the live shows is evolving and changing and getting better.

M: Yeah, that’s awesome. Can you tell me if you have any hobbies you might have outside of music?

J: Oh man, I dance. I love it. It’s my favorite thing to do. I cook a lot too. Devin and Ethan fly fish. They are literally right now talking about trying to find where they can go fly fish before the show tonight.

M: Oh my gosh. Luckily they’re in Colorado, so…there’s plenty of places.

J: Right, yeah. That’s what I’ve heard.

M: So do you think any of these hobbies have helped you with your music?

J: I don’t think that fly fishing has helped them with music. But it helps them be in better moods while we’re on tour.

M: Makes sense.

J: Yeah, I mean I don’t think that any of the hobbies we have actually help us with music, but it helps us have better attitudes towards music. And touring all the time, it like helps us get outside of that.

M: Yeah, I bet. And then, what advice would you give to anyone, but especially women, in the music industry?

J: Practice a lot. Write a lot. And don’t listen to people who try to talk down to you.

M: Yeah, I like that. I was just wondering, what music are you listening to right now? Like who are some of your favorite artists or albums that have come out recently that you’re just really loving?

J: Oh, man. Trying to think. I love Palehound.

M: I love Palehound!

J: Yeah, we just saw them in Portland with Cherry Glazerr.

M: Oh my gosh, I saw them together too, actually a few months back in Denver. It was an amazing show, they’re both so powerful.

J: I love the new Hatchie record. And I saw them earlier this year. I knew them before that, but after hearing them play every night, you know I became a huge fan. Like super inspired by what they’ve been doing.

M: Yeah. And then, so these last few questions, they’re a little…they’re a little weird. But they’re fun questions. So, the first one is, if you were trapped on a deserted island with the other band members, who would you choose to eat first and why?

J: Oh no!

M: ‘Cause you’re Summer Cannibals, so I figured…

J: I know…(long pause) Devin. But only because I think that he would kill me first.

M: Good. Who would you eat second?

J: Ethan.

M: Yeah? And why would that be?

J: Just because I couldn’t hurt Cassi!

M: So she’d be spared?

J: Yeah.

M: And then, so the last question is… I ask this to everybody that I interview, if you were a noodle, what kind of noodle would you be and why?

J: Oh man, probably bowtie. Because, you know, it’s kinda funny looking but their heart’s in the right place. They taste good.

M: I like it. Alright, do you have any last words or anything?

J: No, I don’t think so… excited to be in Fort Collins. You’re in Fort Collins, right?

M: Yeah! I’ll actually be seeing your guys’ show tonight.

J: Awesome, cool!

M: Yeah, I’m very, very excited. I’m sure you guys are gonna kill it.

J: Wait, what did you say?

M: I said I’m sure you guys are gonna kill it.

J: Oh! I thought you said you are, and I was like… oh. But, yeah, I’m looking forward to it.

M: Cool, well thank you so much!

J: Yeah thank you!

M: Alright, have a good show tonight!

J: Thank you!

M: Alright, bye!

You can find out more about Jessica and the rest of Summer Cannibals on their website.