Five Song and Drink Pairings You’ll Fall In Love With


Monty Daniel

By: Monty Daniel

It’s the first official day of Autumn, which means breaking out the Halloween decorations, pumpkin spice and fresh fall tunes. What better way to celebrate the season of spookiness than sitting down with the best song and drink pairings fall can offer?

  • we fell in love in october by girl in red + Hot Apple Cider
    • This song makes you feel all warm and content with girl in red’s lovely laments and serene imagery. It pairs perfectly with a simple hot apple cider (maybe even with your significant other).
  • Flume by Bon Iver + Mulled Red Wine
    • A slightly bitter love song, Bon Iver’s somber acoustic tune is a staple of fall. Similarly, mulled red wine exudes the same energy. This combination is reserved for the more self-reflective moments fall provides.
  • Season Of The Witch by Lana Del Rey + Pumpkin Spice Martini
    • Who said spooky season can’t be sexy? With Lana Del Rey’s smooth cover of Donovan’s “Season Of The Witch”, you’ll be wishing fall was all year round. Listen to this song with a pumpkin spice martini in your hand for added allure.
  • 1980’s Horror Film by Wallows + Chai Tea Latte
    • This song is sweet with a hit of spice. It’s very smooth and light, until you get to the very last line of the song (no spoilers, you’re gonna have to listen to it yourself!). Pair it with a nice chai tea latte to get the full effect.
  • First Day Of My Life by Bright Eyes + Apple Cranberry Moscow Mule
    • An almost sickeningly sweet song, you can’t help but smile listening to it. With Conor Oberst’s raspy talk-singing and the simple acoustic backing, it makes the perfect pairing with an apple cranberry Moscow mule. The fruity, bright tones of both the song and drink complement and build each other up.