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Can College Kids Do It? – Pancake Art

By: Matt Gusmerotti & Hunter Haskins

As we made the trek to the Dollar Tree the day before trying this venture, we pondered what could go wrong with making pancakes on a griddle, in the basement of a university student center.

Would we set off a smoke detector or would we just burn the building down entirely? Quite the opposite, we had massive luck and barely made a mess!

Our supplies included Dollar Store Pancake Batter and Syrup, PAM Cooking Spray, a large mixing bowl, an empty water bottle with a hole poked in the top (for lack of a spray/squeeze bottle), a whisk and a spatula.

Our Dollar Store Pancake Mix only required water, so we mixed up our batter and pre-heated our griddle to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. After the pan was hot and ready, we lathered it up with PAM Cooking Spray and hoped for the best.

As we were sticking with a “KCSU Theme” for our pancakes, our first attempt was individual letters “K-C-S-U”, filled in afterward to make it a singular flapjack. Once we realized that this required a lot more pancake mix then we had, we decided to just make individual letters.

After trial and error for our first two batches, we got the appropriate sizes down and decided to make our Legal ID, 90.5 KCSU Fort Collins (FoCo) out of pancakes.

Other pancake designs we made included a smiley face, a radio tower with radio-waves, and even a birthday cake pancake for a staff member.

Overall, the whole process cost a little over $5 in total (as long as you have the proper utensils), and took us a little over an hour to do; with little to no preparation.

College student doability: 5 out of 5