KCSU Records New Local Podcast Re-Thinking Reproductive Health Education


Co-hosts Dr. Besty Cairo (left) and Mandy Johnson (right) release their podcast “It’s Not Human Sexuality” this fall 2019.


When you have decades of education experience, a TedX Talk under your belt, and a non-profit for reproductive health education, a podcast might be the perfect way to share your life’s work. That’s exactly what Dr. Betsy Cairo, founder of CryoGam, the only commercial sperm bank in Colorado, and the educational non-profit Look Both Ways, was thinking when she reached out to KCSU in the Spring of 2018.

The new podcast’s logo was designed by Hannah Copeland.

KCSU General Manager Hannah Copeland met with Cairo, known as “Dr. B” about her podcast to narrow down exactly how someone with so much experience could deliver a focused and engaging podcast about that awkward topic: our own bodies! Dr. B is passionate about educating the educator. She knows how hard it is to talk to kids and adults about their reproductive systems, so she decided her podcast recorded is going to change that.

After a little more than one year of recording and editing, the podcast is ready for its debut.

“It’s Not Human Sexuality” is the title and message that Dr. B wants to convey with her new podcast to be released on August 12. Human Sexuality, or Sex Ed, was the awkward eye-roll course usually taught for just a few hours in school by a physical education teacher or a guest speaker. Dr. B wants to strip away the stigma of past poorly taught human sexuality classes, and rein in a new era of more thorough, informative, and empowering reproductive health education. With co-host sexuality educator and high school teacher Mandy Johnson, the pair uses humor and science to explore the human body, gender, orientation, and all facets of human reproduction. Educators who listen to the podcast can now more confidently explain what Dr. B and Johnson think shouldn’t be such a tough topic.

Co-hosts Dr. Besty Cairo (left) and Mandy Johnson (right) release their podcast “It’s Not Human Sexuality” this August.

After more than a year of work, KCSU helped Dr. B get her podcast off the ground. Take a listen to the 2-minute trailer available now! Season 1 episodes will be released every other Monday at 5am starting on August 12 at lkbthwys.podbean.com and other major podcast providers.