Season 6 EP2: The Dozier School for Boys Part 4


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The Dozier School for Boys first opened its doors in 1900. The purpose of this institution was to rehabilitate juvenile delinquents in Florida and then release them back out into society with hopefully a change of tune and a new purpose in life. As with most government institutions, this is not what would happen. The rumors surrounding the school started only three years after the center began. Abuse and other rumors started to create a dark fog around the 1400-acre school. Young boys were also starting to go missing on the property and families were none the wiser about what was actually going inside the buildings at the Dozier School. This year a forensic anthropologist named, Erin Kimmerle discovered 27 graves on the school’s property. The school had been open for 111 years and after it’s doors closed the secrets of the abuse and other scandals started to be unearthed.