Season 4 EP5: Arlis Perry Part 2


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Stanford University is a noble institution situated in Palo Alto, Cali. The buildings on campus have remained a testament to the longevity of the school and the students who have passed through their doors.
One staple of the Stanford campus is the Stanford Memorial church. The church’s grand facade and large interior makes the church a destination spot on the campus. While the church remains a beautiful part of Stanford’s storied history, there is a sinister history attached to the grand building.
Arlis Perry was a newly wed who moved to Palo Alto with her husband, Bruce, who was a pre-med student in the Fall semester of 1974. Arlis would face some challenges in Palo Alto but of all the issues she dealt with, one meaningless argument with her husband on the night of Oct. 12, 1974 would end up leading to her untimely death.
While it may seem obvious, at first glance, her husband killed her there is more to this case then meets the eye. After 45 years as the most gruesome cold case in Palo Alto DNA evidence would tell the truth of the death of Arlis Perry inside the Stanford Memorial church.

Was it the work of a crazy mega cult or just a troubled member of the Palo Alto community, maybe one with sandy blonde hair?


Suspect in 1974 Stanford church slaying kills self with detectives closing in

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