Season 4 EP3: Corpsewood Manor Murders Part 2


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Trion, Georgia is a tiny town near the border of Tennessee and a large forest. Trion is located inside the county of Chattanooga which has a bad reputation for crime and other various misdeeds. While the variety of misdeeds might lead one to suspect Chattanooga to be absent of religious influence, the community remains strictly Christian with large religious influences on the towns inside the county.
When Joe Odom and Charles Scutter move down to Chattanooga from Chicago the community was shocked to learn that they embraced a very unique lifestyle that didn’t really fit in. Charles and Joe would set up camp on several acres in the woods and would build a house which they named, Corpsewood Manor.
Joe and Charles began to host crazy parties that centered around their independent lifestyles and it was during one of these parties that they would unknowingly invite their killer to drink wine and have a good time at the manor house. Wh

ile Joe and Charles remained blissfully ignorant, their killer was already planning his gruesome attack with the help of a supportive accomplice.


The Corpsewood Manor Murders: A Story Of Satanism, Sex Parties, And Slaughter

Haunted Horror: The True Story of Georgia’s Corpsewood Murders
Petulla, Amy. The Corpsewood Manor Murders in North Georgia. Published by The History Press, 2016.