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Late Game Fouls Cost Rams Against #6 Nevada


By Nick Baker

Colorado State fans flocked to Moby Arena, braving the frigid four-degree weather to watch mens basketball take on the number six ranked Nevada Wolfpack on February 6.

Unfortunately, due to some fairly questionable late penalties, including two technical fouls, the Rams fell to the Wolfpack 98-82. Against a ranked team with NBA talent, CSU did more than show up, despite losing.

Nevada started the game out strong, but not as strong as expected. A quick 4-0 lead fizzled out into a very close game in the early on and would later be tied 11-11. Nico Carvacho came up lame after a failed putback and would leave the game for a few minutes.

A couple of unlucky bounces for CSU would quickly see the tide start to turn. Three very quick threes from Nevada would make the score 20-12, including a Jordan Caroline stat line of 14 points with 11 minutes to play in the half, just two less than all of the Rams combined. Carvacho, however, returned with no significant injury just a few minutes later.

After more impressive Nevada defense, the lead grew 36-20, and a Caroline three-pointer game 20 points, now equaling the Rams’ total. At the first half media timeout, the Wolfpack lead the Rams 39-24.

At the end of the half, Nevada held a 52-41 lead, after the Rams started to heat back up again in the final minutes. Leading the Rams was Carvacho, who, despite missing time had 14 points, eight rebounds and a pair of assists. Caroline still dazzled for the Wolfpack, finishing the half with 30 points, six rebounds and three assists.

Coming back from the halftime, the crowd was loud and energized, and the packed Moby Arena pulled out its famous “Moby Magic.” The Rams responded well, playing fast and efficiently, and a big dunk from Carvacho shortened the lead to seven, the smallest it had been in nearly twenty minutes.
The team and the fans formed a vicious cycle of energy, and the team’s explosive play lead to a rally bringing the Rams within five points with 16 minutes left to play. With 13:37 left to play, the score was 65-62, just a one-possession game. About five minutes later a missed foul on a Kris Martin shot led to a Nevada fast-break in which they scored. The 76-70 game, that could’ve been 76-72 after free throws, became 78-70.

That marked the turning point in the comeback. From that point on the Rams would be hounded by fouls and would never recover.

The game would finish with a score of 98-82 and two technicals, as well as some controversial shot fouls in the final two minutes, would be the nail in the coffin for CSU.

Carvacho played outstandingly, and his aggression on the boards held it close for the Rams. He finished with 17 rebounds, including four offensive boards. His 24 points would lead the team and his shooting (11 of 15) was remarkable. Cody and Caleb Martin were held quite from Nevada and Caroline picked up their slack, finishing with 40 points and 12 rebounds.

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