KCSU Get Launched! Concert



    • Location: Launch Skate Park, 1007 N College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524
    • Date: March 13th, 2020
    • Doors open at 7 p.m., show at 8 p.m.
    • Tickets are available here

  • Ready…Set…Get Launched! KCSU and Launch Skatepark have partnered to bring you a concert right in the middle of an indoor skatepark.Get Launched! 2020 is KCSU’s second annual springtime concert focused on bringing the community together to listen to music in a unique and unconventional space.The mission of Get Launched! is to give a voice to self-made local bands of Northern Colorado and represent the wide variety of genres that KCSU proudly represents. Get Launched! 2020 aims to showcase this by subverting the idea of a traditional lineup by exposing the audience to a range of genres played by KCSU and loved by its listeners.

    The KCSU staff and DJs encourage everyone from all parts of Fort Collins to get together and listen to live and local music. The unique shape of the skatepark forms a bowl that provides a well-rounded acoustic experience.

    Parking is limited at Launch Skatepark, so we are encouraging listeners to ride their skateboards to the show, leave them at the door, and then kick back for a great musical experience.

    The bands were picked through an open application form on kcsufm.com over the course of three weeks. A total of 43 unique and diverse applicants for the show. A board of dedicated volunteers went through and carefully listened to each band and voted for who they would like to see perform at Get Launched! 2020.

    The bands selected include Mystic I, a collaborative and musically fluid group who has an array of sounds from indie to alternative rock and hip-hop, Glass Cases, who bring a new energy to the pop and synth rock genre paired with acrobatic vocals and attention grabbing sound, as well as the Nova Kicks, who are a destructive sound wave of distorted groove and soul that fly through the vastness of space and into the hearts of many.

    There will be a merch table in the back to support each band, as well as Launch Skate Park and KCSU for sponsoring the show.