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Aspen X Games: Saturday Recap


By Ray McGowan

The Winter X Games in Aspen kept its high octane action rolling into Saturday with the Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle, Snow BikeCross, Snowboard Knuckle Huck, Men’s Ski Big Air, Women’s Snowboard Superpipe and much more.

Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle

New Zealand Snowboarder Zoi Sadowski-Synnott came out on top with a score of 91.00 to seal the gold medal. This is Sadowski-Synnott’s second medal of the 2019 X Games after she won silver in the Big Air. Following in second place was Hailey Langland with a score of 90.66 and rounding out the podium with bronze was Enni Rukajarvi.

  1. Zoi Sadowski-Synnott (GOLD)   91.00
  2. Hailey Langland (SILVER)          90.66
  3. Enni Rukajarvi (BRONZE)          84.66
  4. Spencer O’Brien                           81.00
  5. Silje Norendal                              80.00
  6. Reira Iwabuchi                             73.33
  7. Laurie Blouin                               65.33
  8. Julia Marino                                 28.00

Adaptive Snow BikeCross  

For the first ever Adaptive Snow BikeCross event, Mike Schultz won gold with a time of 5:07.241. Finishing 22 seconds behind Schultz was Tyler Brandenburger to finish with silver, followed by Kevin Royton for bronze.

  1. Mike Schultz (GOLD)                  5:07.241
  2. Tyler Brandenburger (SILVER)   -22.211
  3. Kevin Royston (BRONZE)          -26.226
  4. Pablo Gimenez                             -45.027
  5. Ryan Suchanek                              1 Lap
  6. Kolleen Conger                             1 Lap
  7. E.J. Poplawski                               1 Lap

Para Snow BikeCross

The second new event, alongside the Adaptive Snow BikeCross, was the Para Snow BikeCross. Winning the first ever gold medal in this X Games event was Doug Henry with a time of 4:57.599. Following 19 seconds behind Henry was Will Posey, receiving silver with Leighton Lillie rounding out the podium with bronze. 

  1. Doug Henry (GOLD)             4:57.599
  2. Will Posey (SILVER)             -19.051
  3. Leighton Lillie (BRONZE)     1 Lap
  4. Jonathan Stark                         1 Lap
  5. Paul Thacker                           1 Lap
  6. Danny Baird                            1 Lap
  7. Blair Morgan                           1 Lap
  8. David Trujillo                          5 Laps

Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle

For the Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle, coming in first with an incredible score of 96.00 was Mark McMorris. Rene Rinnekangas from Finland joined McMorris on the podium with a silver followed by Mons Roisland with a bronze.

  1. Mark McMorris (GOLD)             96.00
  2. Rene Rinnekangas (SILVER)      94.00
  3. Mons Roisland (BRONZE)         91.33
  4. Sebastien Toutant                90.66
  5. Red Gerard                                   90.33
  6. Darcy Sharpe                                87.00
  7. Judd Henkes                                 85.33
  8. Roope Tonteri                              68.00
  9. Mikey Ciccarelli                          57.66
  10. Sven Thorgren                           28.66

Snow BikeCross

Cody Matechuk finished the Snow BikeCross with a time of 10:31.387, sealing the gold. Hot on Matechuk tale by less than six second behind was Kirchmeyer and Hoyer who finished off the podium with the silver and bronze respectively.

  1. Cody Matechuk (GOLD)          10:31.387
  2. Jesse Kirchmeyer (SILVER)     -4.445
  3. Brock Hoyer (BRONZE)          -5.766
  4. Darrin Mees                              -6.945
  5. Seth Fischer                              -9.605
  6. Josh Hill                                   -13.098
  7. Harris Huizenga                       -16.531
  8. Axell Hodges                            -25.977
  9. Mark Wilson                            -40.598
  10. Jimmy Jarrett                           1 Lap
  11. Keaton Ward                            2 Laps

Snowboard Knuckle Huck

In what is considered to be one of the stranger events at the Winter X Games, Fridtjof “Fridge” Saether Tischendorf came out on top to win the coveted Golden Knuckles. For the Snowboard Knuckle Huck, there is only one winner determined by whoever performs the best trick according to the judges.

1. Fridtjof Saether Tischendorf (GOLDEN KNUCKELS)

Men’s Ski Big Air

In the final Big Air jump event of this year’s Winter X Games, Bird Rudd came away with the gold, tallying a combined score of 89.00. Following with silver was Alex Beaulieu-Marchand with a score of 87.00 and coming in with bronze was American James Woods with 82.00.

  1. Birk Ruud (GOLD)                              89.00
  2. Alex Beaulieu-Marchand (SILVER)    87.00
  3. James Woods (BRONZE)                    82.00
  4. Evan McEachran                                  81.00
  5. Alex Hall                                              90.00
  6. Henrik Harlaut                                     77.00
  7. Oystein Braaten                                   74.00
  8. Christian Nummedal                            64.00

Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe

In the most anticipated event of the day, the bonafide celebrity Chloe Kim came away with the gold and a score of 84.00. Only 4 points behind Kim was Queralt Castellet to win the silver and completing the podium was Cai Xuetong with the bronze.

  1. Chloe Kim, (GOLD)                  84.00
  2. Queralt Castellet (SILVER)       80.00
  3. Cai Xuetong (BRONZE)           72.66
  4. Jiayu Liu                                    69.66
  5. Haruna Matsumoto                    67.00
  6. Maddie Mastro                          63.33
  7. Sena Tomita                               60.33