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Aspen X Games: Friday Recap

By Ray McGowan

The Winter X Games at Aspen Snowmass, Colorado continued its high flying competition Friday with four final competitions for Women’s Ski Slopestyle, Snowmobile Freestyle, Women’s Ski Big Air and Men’s Snowboard Big Air.


In the Jeep Women’s Ski Slopestyle, Kelly Sildaru from Estonia received the gold medal after posting a near perfect score of 99.00 on her third run. This is the second medal Sildaru has won in Aspen this year, taking the silver in the Ski SuperPipe and is the third gold medal for the Slopestyle in the X Games. Right behind her was Sarah Hoefflin to seal the silver medal with a score of 90.00, her second medal in the X Games (2018 Gold – Ski Big Air). Rounding out the medals was Maggie Voisin, receiving bronze with a score of 87.66, her second gold and third medal overall in the X Games.


  1. Kelly Sildaru             99.00 (GOLD)
  2. Sarah Hoefflin           90.00 (SILVER)
  3. Maggie Voisin           87.99 (BRONZE)
  4. Johanne Killi             84.00
  5. Isabel Atkin               83.33
  6. Mathilde Gremaud    75.00
  7. Tess Leduex              29.00
  8. Giulia Tanno              21.33


Coming out on top in the Snowmobile Freestyle with a score of 91.66 was Daniel Bodin, winning his fifth gold medal in the X Games, with the previous four coming from the Snowmobile Best Trick Competition. Brett Turcotte finished just a point under Bodin to win silver, a year after he finished first in the same event and sealed his sixth medal in the X Games. Placing in third for the second year in a row is Justin Hoyer with 87.33, who won gold in the event back in 2010 and silver in 2011.



  1. Daniel Boden           91.66 (GOLD)
  2. Brett Turcotte           90.66 (SILVER)
  3. Justin Hoyer             87.33 (BRONZE)
  4. Joe Parsons               86.33
  5. Rasmus Johansson   85.00
  6. Heath Frisby             84.66
  7. Willie Elam              82.66
  8. Josh Penner              76.33


Swiss skier Mathilde Gremaud finished with a score of 83.00 and a gold medal in the Women’s Ski Big Air Competition. This is her second gold medal in the X Games, previously placing first in the same event in the Norway X Games in 2017. Following with a score of 80.00 was Johanne Killi. This will be Killi’s sixth medal in the X Games and the third silver medal. Finishing the podium was Kelly Sildaru with a 79.00.



  1. Mathilde Gremaud    83.00 (GOLD)
  2. Johanne Killi             80.00 (SILVER)
  3. Kelly Sildaru             79.00 (BRONZE)
  4. Tess Ledeux              78.00
  5. Sarah Hoefflin           72.00
  6. Giulia Tanno             71.00
  7. Elena Gaskell            63.00
  8. Maggie Voisin           44.00


In the final competition of the night, Takeru Otsuka scored a combined 88.00 to seal the gold medal in the Men’s Snowboard Big Air Competition. This is Otsuka’s second gold medal for the second year in a row after coming in first in the same event at the Norway X Games in 2018. Three points behind Otsuka was Canadian Mark McMorris. This will be McMorris’ sixteenth medal in the X Games. Coming in at bronze was Sven Thorgren with a score of 76.00 which will be his second bronze in the X Games after winning third at the Aspen X Games in 2015.


  1. Takeru Otsuka          88.00 (GOLD)
  2. Mark McMorris        85.00 (SILVER)
  3. Sven Thorgren          76.00 (BRONZE)
  4. Sebastian Toutant     73.00
  5. Rene Rinnekangas    64.00
  6. Chris Corning           60.00
  7. Darcy Sharpe            34.00
  8. Sebbe De Buck         26.00



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