Go Green Fort Collins: Recycling Event this Weekend


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By: Mia Sawaya

FORT COLLINS – The Timberline Recycling Center is having a Special Collection Event this Saturday, October 6, from 9am to 3pm, so I visited the facility for more information. At the facility I met with Susan Gordon, the program manager for the city of Fort Collins, and Jason Komes, a waste reduction specialist, to learn about the Timberline facility, problems associated with incorrect recycling, and details about their upcoming “Buckets, Beds, and Shreds” collection event.

When I arrived, Susan gave me a general rundown of the facility by showing me around. I immediately noticed how organized the facility was due to the signs throughout the facility clarifying which materials go where.

Common materials like, cardboard, paper, plastic bags, and glass are collected on the first recycling cite. Hard to recycle materials, like electronics, paint, antifreeze, and scrap metal are collected on the other side of a fence for an entry fee of $5 and additional fees depending on the item.

Susan also showed me the pile of mulch on the site which is available to the public for free. As we were walking towards the mulch, a school bus from Fort Collins High School pulled up with autistic students who were volunteering at the facility for the day. As the students excitedly waved at us, I realized the Timberline facility has symbiotic relationship with the Fort Collins Community. They work to help our city be a more green place, and as community members we make the effort to support its services.

A few minutes later, Jason Komes arrived, and we started the interview.

      Timberline Interview