Wrap Up – What have we learned about NISP?


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Welcome to From the Tap, a podcast where we talk about that substance that comes straight from your tap, water! In this episode, we (Nycole and Rita) will be wrapping up our conversation about NISP by chatting about everything we’ve learned and our opinions of NISP. We hope our interviews have been informative and feel free to leave comments on what you think about the proposed NISP project.

REMINDER: The Final Environmental Impact Statement was released over the summer and is open for comments until October 4th!

Here is the link if any listeners would like to read it for themselves: https://www.northernwater.org/sf/docs/default-source/nisp-docs/nisp-feis-executive-summary.pdf?sfvrsn=736a194a_2

Here is the link for comments if you would like to contribute to the conversation: https://www.northernwater.org/sf/nisp