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Welcome to From the Tap, a podcast where we talk about that substance that comes straight from your tap, water! In this episode we are doing a phone interview with Brian Werner, Public Information Officer for Northern Water. Northern Water is the first and largest water conservancy district created back in 1937, responsible for building Horsetooth Reservoir and charged with planning for and supplying the water supply for future generations here in Northern Colorado. We will learn about the history of water supply projects within Colorado and about NISP, specifically referring to Glade Reservoir, from the view of the organization who proposed it and who will ultimately be responsible for building it if it is approved. Brian will tell us about the history of NISP including when it was originally proposed, why it was proposed, the proposal process and the Environmental Impact Statement.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This interview took place during the Spring 2018 semester. Since this interview took place the Final Environmental Impact Statement has been released and is open for comments until October 4th!

Here is the link if any listeners would like to read it for themselves:

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