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Local Arts and Music Shine in 10th Anniversary of FoCoMX


Article by Emma Holt


Sunshine, brews, good tunes, and a little bit of magic: this is what FoCoMX is all about. This past Friday and Saturday the community of Fort Collins welcomed over 1,000 musicians, artists and friends of all ages for the 10th Anniversary of FoCoMX, Fort Collins’ premiere spring music festival. Put on by the Fort Collins Music Association (FoCoMA) and Odell Brewing, with help from sponsors such as CSU, the Bohemian Foundation and 105.5 The Colorado Sound, FoCoMX 10 included a wide array of venues and genres for festival goers to explore.

Nearly every venue in Old Town with room for a stage and soundboard had one, ranging from small bars like Elliott’s, where Alex Knox (pictured) performed Friday night, to larger venues such as Aggie Theatre or Prost Brewing, where the Catcalls (pictured) rocked out for 45 minute sets.

Of all the venues I visited, one in particular dazzled me: The Downtown Artery. A well known spot among artists and musicians, and a collective for collaboration and growth of the creative arts in Fort Collins, walking into the Downtown Artery was like stepping into another world. Trees and art installations, walls covered in geometric patterns and a vintage looking stage display with all the modern technical fare. This year, the Downtown Artery hosted my favorite upcoming band from last year’s FoCoMX, The Velveteers. With a heavy, Zeppelin-esque sound and the coolest style in the biz, the Velveteers rocked my world once again in FoCoMX 10.

Also included are photos from the upstairs of the Artery, where local DJ’s showcased their skills on the turntables, playing funky electro jungle beats while surrounded by LED’s, tropical plants and a giant glistening mermaid goddess.



This review would not be complete without mentioning two of my favorite acts: Miscommunicado and The Monday Night Band (pictured). The musicianship in both these bands are extraordinary, and I believe they will be bands to watch in the upcoming year. For information and upcoming events, you can follow the bands on Facebook and/or the web: Miscommunicado (, The Monday Night Band (, The Catcalls (, Alex Knox (

The Velveteers ( Thank you Fort Collins for another amazing year of FoCoMX and thanks to KCSU for always supporting the art and music scene in Fort Collins.


Link to the Downtown Artery Website:

About me:

I am a photographer, designer and DJ working in Fort Collins and the Denver area, and owner of the company Interstellar Illuminations. In addition to photography, I am also a stage technician with experience in lighting, audio, backline and festival work. I am currently working my way to becoming a light and video board operator and aspire to go on tour someday. I am an alumni of KCSU and CSU, and I graduated in May of 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary LIberal Arts and a minor Media Studies. I always say that working at KCSU was the best decision I ever made, and I have so many people to thank for that! KCSU is, and always will be, my favorite radio station. And yep, I still go by my DJ name, DJ Stardust. Here to expand the limits of your musical universe.

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